MASTERING/Mixing/Mobile recording

Fidelity Rebellion Audio

Creating a personalized and unique production of your music with the most sophisticated and accurate software such as the Eventide H3000 and Blackhole, SSL, Lexicon reverb, Autotune 8, Revoice Pro 3, Pro Q2, Waves Gold, Chris Lord Alge Bundles, MJUC, Waverider, Echoboy, Satin Tape, Pro Tools, and many more. We are able to record vocals and guitar most anywhere in full pro quality, even outdoors. Full band recording at your practice location is also available.



  • Custom Designed FX For Vocals And Instruments
  • Vocal Alignment With Revoice Pro 3
  • Natural Sounding Pitch Correction
  • Volume and Plug-in Automation
  • Complex Sessions Over 50 Tracks
  • Blending Vocals with Pre-Mixed Instrumentals
  • Recording On-Site In Acoustically Untreated Environments
  • ​Vocal Coaching
  • ​Rescuing Problematic Mixes
  • ​Creation of realistic overdub harmonies
  • ​Making Your Home Recordings As Pro As Possible
  • ​Mastering that focuses on the song instead of loudness
  • ​Working with higher resolution 24-bit 88 kHz files

If you are new to the world of audio, the education section and blog are here to help you get started. There's also a wealth of information that even seasoned engineers will find useful.

​Please visit the videos section to watch all our software in action.